The Power Of Your Preapproval
The Dynamic Lending Team: Powered By American Bancshares Mortgage
The Dynamic Lending Team: Powered By American Bancshares Mortgage
Published on July 27, 2022

The Power Of Your Preapproval

Did you know that having the wrong preapproval is like going into the game without your helmet? In this video, I’m going to show you how we make Certified Platinum Approved Buyers. We’ll find out how our program takes your offer to the next level so you can compete in the homebuying game.

Your Preapproval

One of the most important steps you’re going to take in your home buying journey is getting your preapproval. What kind of preapproval you get and who you get it from is vital. You’re about to get in the competitive game of home offers; it only makes sense that you would take the time to make sure you’re in the best possible position for your offers to get accepted.

Let me explain why becoming a Certified Platinum Buyer is the best way to start your journey to the closing table. In today’s world, a run-of-the-mill preapproval letter can literally be acquired with a few clicks of a button online. But think about it: you’re about to get into one of the most competitive real estate markets we’ve seen.

Why would you take the risk of missing out on your dream home because you didn’t take the time to align yourself with the best possible preapproval? When you’re out home shopping, sellers first and foremost want to know that you took the necessary steps to secure the financing needed to efficiently purchase their home.

Becoming A Certified Platinum Buyer

A generic preapproval letter can get you in the game. However, if you want to take your offers to the next level, let me show you how we make Certified Platinum Buyers that can go in submitting offers with high value, top speed, and maximum confidence. For sellers, the power of becoming a Certified Platinum Buyer can be summarized in these three factors.

The first factor is high value. Being a Platinum Approved Buyer means that we already know that you’re financially ready to purchase a home. We’ve done this by doing a complete and full application on you and collecting all necessary documents. We then know exactly how you make your money, exactly what money you’re using to purchase this home, and exactly what your credit scenario looks like.

With that package, one of our underwriters is going to do a complete and full review of your scenario and put the full and official stamp of approval. This gives us a complete, clear path to your closing. With this high value, we can move to top speed.

Top Speed

Because your file has that stamp of approval from underwriting, we already have you running at full speed. This means you’re in a position to get to the closing table faster than anyone else. Just because you can move this fast doesn’t mean that you have to.

However, what it affords you in your offers is showing the confidence to the sellers that we can provide a 48-hour long commitment to them. It also shows that you’re going to be eligible to close within 15 days. These are the kinds of options that the sellers are looking for; they know that your deal is going to get to the closing table.

Maximum Confidence

Once we’ve solidified high value and top speed, we can deliver maximum confidence. This confidence is first and foremost for you as the buyer. With all the due diligence we’ve done up front, you can confidently put down that security deposit with your offer, knowing that it’s not in jeopardy.

All that due diligence doesn’t just make you feel more confident; it makes us feel more confident, too. Because of that, we have your back. In your offers, we are willing to put up a seller guarantee of $5,000. This means that if we don’t get your deal to the closing table, we’re going to pay the seller $5,000 out of our own pockets. That’s how confident we are in you.

It’s the combination of these two things that allow us to deliver the one-two punch to sellers for their maximum confidence, knowing that your offer is a sure thing to the closing table.

Becoming A Homeowner

A Certified Platinum level of high value, top speed, and maximum confidence are how you successfully become a homeowner in this real estate market. To put it into context, our Certified Platinum Buyers are getting under contract faster against multiple offers because of our system. Without it, you might end up being just another standard finance deal in the pile.

Now you know why the kind of preapproval you get and who does your preapproval is so important. You also know the team who can get you Certified Platinum ready. So if you have any other questions about preapprovals, the home buying process, or you want to see how you can become a Certified Platinum Buyer, please reach out and we’ll be happy to connect.

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The Dynamic Lending Team: Powered By American Bancshares Mortgage
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